At Offshore Properties all of our realtors are proud of the fact that we live in a place of such incredible natural beauty. As individuals and as realtors we believe and support local conservation and preservation organizations throughout the county that encourage Low Impact Development. We understand that it is important to find a balance, a balance between development, population increases and our natural environment.

We believe in planning that protects existing natural features of development; landscaping to encourage wildlife and reduce the use of water and toxic chemicals; designing buildings to reduce energy consumption and increase the efficient use of resources; selecting materials to minimize resource and manufacturing impacts and taking advantage of opportunities to recycle or reuse materials; using practices that reduce waste and pollution during construction.

We believe that organizations such as the San Juan County Land Bank have made vital contributions to the sustainability of the San Juan Islands’ beauty, enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. These organizations are used to protect natural features of the County, and maintain open space and view corridors that the public wishes to save, while allowing for smart, managed development.

The San Juan County Landbank
Islanders created the San Juan County Land Bank in 1990 to preserve the islands’ unique natural heritage for the benefit of present and future generations. In 1999, by a nearly 73% majority, the Land Bank was renewed for 12 more years.

This public program, guided by the San Juan County Ordinance, Chapter 16.54, Citizens Conservation Land Bank, is funded by a 1% real estate transfer tax paid for by purchasers of property in San Juan County.

The funds are used to purchase conservation easements and to acquire land outright. The Land Bank is committed to protecting its conservation purchases forever with the establishment of a Stewardship investment fund.

A Commission of seven citizen volunteers representing all islands meets in a public forum once a month. Using local public opinion as a guide, the commission and staff work to identify and protect areas in the county with important scenic or low intensity recreational value, existing or future sources of potable water, and lands of agricultural, environmental, scientific, historic and cultural importance.

Stewardship means caring for properties to protect and preserve their special features. Stewardship is a high priority for the Land Bank. The Land Bank engages in a range of stewardship activities designed to protect the community’s investment and to be a good neighbor.

San Juan County Low Impact Development
Learn how to apply the principles and practices of Low Impact Development (LID) for the islands. Site provides resources for homeowners, builders, architects, landscapers, realtors, contractors, planners and students in the San Juan Islands.

1000 Friends of Washington
1000 Friends of Washington is the only statewide organization in Washington that brings citizens together to manage growth and stop sprawl. Our work focuses on a strategic set of programs aimed at achieving the changes required to protect Washington’s quality of life.

Friends of the San Juans
To protect and promote the health and future of the San Juan Islands land, water, natural and human communities. To support comprehensive planning. To encourage individual and community participation. To foster a stewardship ethic.

Islanders for Community Preservation
ICP is a non-partisan organization dedicated to developing realistic, common-sense strategies to choose and achieve a future for the county which honors the vision for the county crafted by citizens during the official Comprehensive Plan development process and adopted by the county commissioners. San Juan County is a beautiful, as yet unspoiled archipelago. It is the fastest growing county in the State of Washington. Without intervention, the current growth trends will result in a community similar to every other small beautiful community in America which has been discovered and developed: Aspen, Jackson Hole, Martha’s Vineyard.

The Marine Ecosystem Health Program
Focusing on the North American Pacific Ocean. Presently, emphasis is given to issues facing the Inland Waters of Washington state and British Columbia, Canada (the Puget Sound/Northwest Straits/Georgia Basin region).

Marine Resources Committee
The San Juan County Marine Resources Committee is working to: protect and restore nearshore, estuarine and rocky reef habitats, support salmon and bottomfish recovery, establish marine protected areas, and promote public awareness about marine resource issues.

The San Juan Islands Natural Areas Project
Conceived by Terry Domico about 20 years ago. There are many small ecologically important areas in the San Juan Islands that escape the attention of the public, government policy makers, and even environmentalists. This web site is intended to heighten public consciousness about the value these areas and about the significance in preserving them.

The San Juan County Conservation District
A local non-profit organization committed to protecting and enhancing the natural resources of San Juan County. It is a legally constituted arm of the State government, but is non regulatory and is governed by five volunteers, the District Board of Supervisors, who establish local priorities and set policy.

The primary responsibility of the District lies in maintaining and building strong relationships and providing technical assistance to local landowners and users of natural resources. Through these relationships, the District acts as a link between individuals and federal, state, and local agencies who provide technical and financial assistance to local citizens for resource conservation including forestry, wildlife, wetlands, pasture management, soil erosion, water quality, & water conservation.

San Juan Nature Institute
Dedicated to increasing public understanding and appreciation of the unique natural history of the San Juan Archipelago through education, research, and active involvement in Stewardship.

The San Juan Preservation Trust

The San Juan Preservation Trust is dedicated to helping people protect the wildlife, scenery, and traditional way of life of the unique San Juan Islands through the preservation and careful use of land.

The Trust believes that this legacy carries with it a responsibility of stewardship, for this natural bounty is not ours alone, but a birthright of future generations. It is now, while the San Juans are largely unspoiled, that we must preserve its special beauty and natural value.

San Juan Islands National Wildlife Refuge
A group of 83 islands in the San Juan archipelago, totaling 454 acres. Islands are categorized into four major habitat types: reefs, rocks, grassy islands, and forested islands.

Westcott Bay Reserve
The Westcott Bay Institute (a non-profit organization) was formed as a volunteer effort to create the Westcott Bay Reserve. The Reserve officially opened on September 8th, 2001. The Reserve was made possible through the generous dedication of the land for open space, by Roche Harbor Resort. A site map is available at the entrance showing the location of trails, and listing the artists and their sculptures. A new birding brochure is also available at the entrance that identifies nearly 120 birds found at the Reserve.

Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
Promotes the well-being of wildlife and their habitats through rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife, public education and non-invasive research.